Restart with ICIC

After having accompanied the Corona Committee since the beginning of the Covid 19 pandemic, which then continued without my involvement for well-known reasons, it was important to me not only to continue the previous efforts, but rather to expand and deepen them.

Thus, at the end of 2022, I founded ICIC.LAW – the International Crime Investigative Committee. The first official acts related to putting my team back together, finding new and reliable team members and thus building a new base.

It was clear that I wanted to continue conducting interviews that would lead to the professional and factual clarification of the machinations of the so-called „elite“. Unlike before, however, it should be even clearer, more structured and more professional. For a real clarification, it is not enough to only question the side that shares my opinion and knowledge anyway – other sides and views must also be able to have their say.

So, with the new team, I am starting out to shed more light on the abysses of our world planning and coordination. Because I am absolutely convinced that the light always wins.

I am very much looking forward to continuing to enlighten you all – and I am very eager to hear your questions, suggestions and feedback.

Our focus at ICIC:
Acquiring and disseminating information

We will continue to work on education and enlightenment far beyond „Corona“. Multiple complex and interwoven issues need to be addressed in their entirety.  This includes questions like: 

What is going on in Ukraine and how could it come to the current situation? What exactly is going on with „climate change“ and what factors can trigger it? Can climate change be stopped or does man-made climate change even exist? The effects of the food crisis, rising global inflation and unaffordable energy costs, all these things concern people and they have legitimate questions. We look closely, we ask experts, we get answers.

Identifying and offering solutions 

How can regional ideas of a grassroots democratic, free and independent coexistence be networked in different forms? Which tailor-made rules for the basic pillars of a functioning society, such as education, health and energy production can be redeveloped and set in motion in order to find genuine „sustainability“? Here, we want to show new and feasible perspectives. 

Research, the gaining of knowledge and the recognition of spirituality as a further pillar of society

What does „science“ actually mean and where are its limits? Do such limits exist at all or is the exploration of our world limitless? In the past, many new discoveries were originally labelled „unscientific“, but later these conclusions were revised. Today, we often take such discoveries and achievements for granted. 

To what extent can holistic aspects be integrated into a new form of society, and what exactly does spirituality mean? Is it perhaps one of the prerequisites needed for transformation into a truly peaceful and prosperous society in harmony with one another and nature? 

We want to know and share all the answers.