🇺🇸 Cathy O’Brien – An MK Ultra Survivor


Cathy O’Brien – An MK Ultra Survivor

In this episode of ICIC, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and Dagmar Schoen speak with Cathy O’Brien, a survivor of the CIA’s MK Ultra mind control program, to which she was sold by her father as a young child and from where she was passed on to the White House and to the Pentagon for abuse and blackmail purposes.

Based on her long path of suffering and torture, which began with the abuse by her father and grandfather, who was a member of a Masonic lodge to which she was handed over, Cathy O’Brien has gained profound insider knowledge which she talks about in this interview. She has been able to overcome these traumas and now openly speaks about issues such as child abuse and human trafficking to bring these abuses to light, raise awareness and sensitize society.

She tells us why a traumatized society is easier to indoctrinate and control, how mind control programs work, and that these programs are applied much more commonly on all levels of life than most people can imagine. It is especially in so-called elitist circles that such traumatization programs are frequently used, with serious consequences not only for the victims but also for the perpetrators, whose crimes make them vulnerable to blackmail and control thus turning them into compliant tools for the Svengalis and their evil agenda, particularly on a global political level. According to Cathy, this form of blackmail based on pedophilia and abuse has become one of the key mechanisms of manipulation in the highest circles of government and the judiciary. Cross-border child, human and drug trafficking is therefore not only the most lucrative business of the so-called elites but also their basis for global blackmail for geostrategic purposes. The now widely known Epstein case is only one piece of the puzzle.

Cathy O’Brien does not shy away from providing names of perpetrators she was around, including Gerald Ford, Hillary and Bill Clinton or George Bush, and uncovers many backgrounds and their effects on today’s socio-political situation worldwide. She shows us some of the connections between the infiltration of secret services, traumatizing events such as the JFK assassination or the September 11 attacks, and NGOs like the WEF with its Young Global Leaders program. She further explains what all this has to do with the so-called „New World Order,“ the global agenda of unelected elites to restructure and take total control of the world and enslave humanity.

Who is really pulling the strings and manipulating people’s narratives and thinking via the mainstream media, and what is the media’s role in these operations? How can we defend ourselves against this takeover by a seemingly superior power?

Cathy O’Brien provides encouragement and advice and proves that there is always a way out of trauma towards healing if we are willing to see the truth, regain our human spirit, and take action.

Cathy O’Brien has written down her experiences in her book “The TranceFormation of America”, which resulted out of her Congressional hearing in 1995, published by Reality Marketing, ISBN-10: 0966016548, ISBN-13: 978-0966016543.