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HIV/Aids, Corona/Covid, and other mind control illusions

In this first of two episodes, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and co-host attorney Dagmar Schön conduct an in-depth interview with Celia Farber, an American-Swedish print journalist and author who wrote for numerous renowned magazines and has gained particular notoriety for her investigative research and publications on topics related to the pharmaceutical industry and abuse of media power. In the face of fierce opposition from so-called „“modern science,““ she called HIV/AIDS an unscientific psychological operation that has destroyed countless lives under the auspices of Dr. Anthony Fauci.


She points out the unmistakable parallels to the proclamation of the so-called „Corona Pandemic“ and explains the connections to many other psychological operations to which people have been subjected for decades.


Celia Farber recognized the procedures regarding the globally orchestrated proclamation of the „Corona Pandemic“, by self-appointed elites, their wire-pullers and henchmen, whom she calls „Anaconda“, very early, since she grew up and lived in a socialist Sweden.


Through her own experiences, she presents a different historical view of a dictatorial Sweden that is largely unknown to us…. The Scandinavian country is known from the „Corona era“ as moderate and liberal in dealing with the destructive protective measures, and Farber explains from her point of view why a different path was taken there than in almost all other countries worldwide.


Her important educational work helps raise people’s awareness of areas such as so-called health care, the pharmaceutical industry, and mergers of undemocratic organizations such as the EU or non-governmental organizations, as well as the players involved such as Bill Gates. Outrageous scandals such as the „Epstein case“ must also be brought to light in order to put an end to inhumane malice and to hold those responsible accountable.



HIV/AIDS, Corona/Covid und andere Illusionen zur Bewusstseinskontrolle