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9/11, UFO False Flags & Free Energy – Part 1


In this first of a three part episode ofICIC, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich talks with British computer scientist and physicist Andrew Johnson, who in the course of his detailed researchon the 9/11 attack and other topics also came across various conceptsof state-sponsored terrorism. It is now an open secret that secretgroups within governments, for example, fund terrorist groups such as Al-Qaeda or fundamentalist groups like the Taliban and others.


Johnson tells how he was drawn into the so-called „truth movement“ and began publishing his researched physical facts first in physics forums for discussion. After all, before he came across these government secret

projects and saw the documentary film titled „9/11, The GreatIllusion“ by Texan George Humphrey, he himself also believed in the narrative of steel and concrete buildings collapsing and pulverizing due to airplane impacts.

Against the background of his physics studies and the presentation of his extensive research, the images presented to the public take on a completely new meaning.


He explains with the help of vivid images and video footage why it is an impossibility to make 1,360-foot towers simply collapse in free fall in less than 10 seconds, as well as many other strange inconsistencies.

In the end, what technology really destroyed the WTC towers and caused them to be literally pulverized?


Can airplanes develop this tremendous destructive power? Was the attack on the WTC a false flag, and does the so-called „9/11 truth movement“ itself also serve to cover up facts and findings and withhold scientific contradictions from the public by not discussing them in the first place? How far has research progressed and are there already groundbreaking technologies that are being withheld from us?


Once you start thinking and doing your own research, you will never have to believe again, you will become a knower because you will see global events in context and be able to connect the individual dots. „Have the courage to use your own mind!“ is what the philosopher Immanuel Kant demanded in his definition of „enlightenment“.




9/11, UFO False Flags & Freie Energie – Teil 1