Prof. Fukushime – the Sword of Truth –

In this episode, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich discusses the mass vaccination
campaigns in Japan with Professor Masanori Fukushima, whose forthright statements against the health authorities of Japan has captivated the whole world

A renowned academic and an avid advocate of medication safety,
Masanori Fukushima is an emeritus professor of Kyoto University and the founding director of the Translational Research Center for Medical Innovation

A biochemist by education, his clinical experiences as an oncologist
helped shaped his interest in medication safety. Quite early in
the interview, we learn of the history of drug misuse incidents in
Japan. In particular, he lays open concerning facts about the birth defects caused by Thalidomide and the epidemic of paralysis left behind by the SMON
epidemic (

As the interview unfolds, Dr. Fuellmich probes forward with those questions all of us want to ask: How is it possible for the Japanese government to hide post-vaccine deaths and injuries? Is it true that Japan is investigating COVID vaccine issues? How are Japanese doctors dealing with vaccine injuries and long term effects? Listen to this thought provoking interview to learn more.


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