Dr. Wakefield’s Knowledge is Finally Understood



In this episode of ICIC, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and Dagmar Schoen talk with Dr. Andrew Wakefield, physician and filmmaker, about the sense and nonsense of vaccinations as well as their dangers and their impact on our and, in particular, children’s health. Dr. Wakefield has become known for his oppositional stance on the COVID narrative, as he has refused to be intimidated by the reprisals, insults, and threats against him. It was already before the so-called COVID pandemic that he had turned away from the corruption in the health care system, accepting the possibility of putting his medical career at risk.

Based on his many years of practice and experience as a medical doctor and on the findings of 150 research reports, Dr. Andrew Wakefield concludes that vaccinations have never been conducive to people’s health. He thinks the opposite is true and in most cases, the substances and adjuvants contained in vaccines lead to health problems, often autism, and in the worst case scenario irreparable damage including death. Unfortunately, vaccine-related damage and side effects are difficult to prove. Only in rare cases can causality to previous vaccinations, e.g. against measles, mumps or rubella (MMR), be established to be recognized by the pharmaceutical companies responsible.

Based on 150 published research reports, Dr. Wakefield and his research team were able to prove causality to autism and gastrointestinal diseases that developed after MMR vaccination. This had a negative impact on his career in Great Britain. He realized, also because of the threats against him, that the main purpose of vaccinations was to ensure the profits of the pharmaceutical industry rather than children’s health. He therefore decided to bring the monstrosities he discovered to light with the help of his educational film projects.

Dr. Andrew Wakefield speaks of gigantic fraud and corruption being common practice in the pharmaceutical industry, of useless and dangerous vaccines primarily serving the manufacturers’ and lobbyists’ revenue, and of countless desperate parents whose children have fallen victim to this business scheme. He reveals that the first measles vaccine trials were conducted on children with severe mental and physical disabilities. These children had no lobby, their lives were considered unimportant and expendable to the system. In view of these scandals it is hard to believe that the pharmaceutical industry with its inhumane practices has anything good in mind for humanity.