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HIV/Aids, Corona/Covid, and other mind control illusions Part 2

In the second and final episode, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich continues the conversation with his co-host Attorney Dagmar Schön and Ceila Farber, the well-known American-Swedish print journalist and author. They delve deeper and analyze the machinations of a small, self-empowered group of unscrupulous psychopaths and their henchmen, and go into further detail to shed even more light on the darkness of many crimes against humanity.


It is imperative to become sensitive to and expose the inhumane machinations of a small group of psychopaths who have infiltrated all areas of life, from social community structures such as family and education, to business and politics, to our personal health choices. Despite all the reprisals and adversities, let us remain strong and connected so that we can free ourselves from their clutches!


Our action is sorely needed as it becomes increasingly clear that on their agenda of destabilization is, among other things, the destruction of families, nation-states, independent thought and personal responsibility for our personal health and that of our children. Financial and social dependencies and a constant instilling of misinformation create weakness and fear. This is how „Mr. Global“ manages to keep us small, weak and powerless.


This psychopath conglomerate – Celia Farber calls it a globally acting „Anaconda“ – keeps mankind in dependencies with countless programmed fear narratives. It had and has no scruples whatsoever to use every psychological trick and lie, no matter how perfidious, against us or even to do worse to us.


But with the beginning of the proclamation of the so-called „Corona Pandemic“, a worldwide transformation process seems to have been set in motion, making people think, question and realize whether the world is really as it seems to be.


It is up to all of us to be loud and point out the abuses in order to expose these creatures. There is no alternative to an independent legal investigation, because without justice there can be neither democracy nor freedom.



HIV/AIDS, Corona/Covid und andere Illusionen zur Bewusstseinskontrolle Teil 2