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The Mäckle Interview – Reiner and Friedemann in Conversation



In this episode of ICIC, Dr.Reiner Fuellmich and Friedemann Mack from the well-known Telegram channel „Mäckle macht gute Laune“ take a sharp look behind the scenes of current, but also past social and political world events. In doing so, they discuss important topics that are helpful for people who are thirsty for knowledge and interested in alternative information to get their own picture of what is actually going on in the world.


They report on their own development processes, which have led them to recognize those frameworks of conditions of everyday life for what they are, namely completely normal: Only a framework of conditions is allowed which is created by self-appointed authorities, in which people have to maneuver, in which they have to function, and in which they are supposed to consume contrived information and believe what is put in front of them.


Friedemann Mack, who calls himself „Der-gute-Laune-Macher“ (The good mood maker), has already started many years ago to follow his intuition and to question many things that seemed strange to him.


Even before the so-called „Corona pandemic“, he was in doubt about many „truths“ that were propagated as irrefutable and began to do his own research.


Since „Corona“